New Year in Paris!

Location dʼappartements

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Joyeux Noël!

If you havenʼt decided yet where to spend your holiday, invite all your friends and welcome to Paris!

You would you need a place to stay… Of course you can stay in the hotel, but think about the apartment.

You can have your own Christmas tree, you can drink a glass of champagne with you family looking at the beautiful Eiffel tower! You can sleep as much as you want next day and have a breakfast when you want!

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5 Reasons to spend New Year in Paris

1. Champs Elysees

For inspiration, take a walk thought the Champs Elysees and admire the new lights!

2. Christmas market

In Paris, you will be able to relax, visit the Christmas market, taste local delicacies.

3. The worldʼs biggest indoor skating rink

The worldʼs biggest indoor skating rink at Grand Palais — place to have fun during Christmas and New Year holidays. Itʼs just in a few meters from Champs. and main Christmas Market.

Lafayette by Fox Wu / CC BY

4. Christmas lights

Paris is the city of lights — and thatʼs true, because during Christmas every district has their own, unique and very attractive lights!

5. Parisian cuisine

Take a sit in a one of the Parisian bistros and enjoy your meals — thatʼs magic!

Paris by Pug Girl / CC BY